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    Nozzle for injecting gas containing oxygen into a pig iron device having an injector insertion pipe

    Johann, W., Stefan, L., Marinko, L-N., Georg, A., Franz, B., Jan-Friedemann, P., Johannes, L. S., Martin, S., Thomas, S., Bogdan, V. & Kurt, W., 3 Jun 2010, IPC No. F27D 3/ 16 A I, Patent No. AU2009319139, Priority date 5 Nov 2009, Priority No. WO2009EP64685

    Research output: Patent

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    Process for the continuous conveying of a fine-grained and/or pulverized

    Johannes, S., Michael, N. & Walter, R. K., 21 Jun 1998, IPC No. F27D 3/ 18 A I, Patent No. TW334507B, Priority date 16 Oct 1996, Priority No. TW19960112626

    Research output: Patent

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    Johannes, L. S., Jan-Friedemann, P. & Christian, B., 5 Apr 2011, IPC No. C21B 13/ 00 A I, Patent No. MX2010013382, Priority date 27 Apr 2009, Priority No. WO2009EP55047

    Research output: Patent

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    processo e dispositivo para a separação de substância sólidas em formato de partículas de uma corrente de gás

    Johannes, L. S., Norbert, R., Robert, M. & Thomas, E., 15 Dec 2015, IPC No. B01D 50/ 00 A I, Patent No. BRPI0919875, Priority date 29 Sep 2009, Priority No. WO2009EP62605

    Research output: Patent

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    aparelho para remover o co2 dos gases de exaustão de usinas para produção de ferro gusa.

    Johannes, L. S. & Robert, M., 3 Nov 2015, IPC No. C21B 13/ 00 A I, Patent No. BR212012005399U, Priority date 6 Sep 2010, Priority No. WO2010EP63023

    Research output: Patent

  7. Published

    método e dispositivo para operação de um processo de redução de fundição

    Johannes, L. S., Kurt, W. & Robert, M., 8 Dec 2015, IPC No. F02C 6/ 00 A I, Patent No. BRPI0919615, Priority date 29 Sep 2009, Priority No. WO2009EP62607

    Research output: Patent

  8. Direct use of fine iron ore in the Corex® process

    Joo, S., Shin, M. K., Cho, M., Lee, S. D., Lee, J. H., Lee, I. O., Schenk, J. L., Kepplinger, W. L., Wallner, F., Gennari, U. R., Hauzenberger, F. & Nagl, M., 1 Dec 1998, In: Iron and steel maker : I & SM. 25, 7, p. 39-43 5 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleResearchpeer-review

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    Guest Editorial - EUROMAT 2017 Symposia on Processing

    Kaban, I., Agathopoulos, S., Valenza, F., Sommitsch, C., Schenk, J., Papaefthymiou, S. & Karantzalis, A., Oct 2018, In: Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance. 27.2018, 10, p. 4981-4982

    Research output: Contribution to journalEditorialpeer-review

  10. Published

    Charakterisierung von Eisenerzträgern mittels Bildverarbeitung

    Kain - Bückner, B., Hanel, M. & Mali, H., 10 Sep 2015, Mitt. Österr. Miner. Ges..

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapterResearch

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