Research output

  1. 2010
  2. Published

    Process for producing agglomerates of finely particulate iron carriers

    Heckmann, H., Christian, B., Johannes, L. S. & Stiasny, H. H., 18 Mar 2010, IPC No. C22B 5/ 14 A I, Patent No. AU2009291046, Priority date 17 Aug 2009, Priority No. WO2009EP60609

    Research output: Patent

  3. Published

    Method and device for operating a smelting reduction process

    Robert, M., Schenk, J. L. & Kurt, W., 29 Apr 2010, IPC No. F02C 6/ 00 A I, Patent No. AU2009306565, Priority date 29 Sep 2009, Priority No. WO2009EP62607

    Research output: Patent

  4. Published

    Method and device for separating particulate solids from a gas flow

    Eder, T., Robert, M., Rein, N. & Johannes, L. S., 29 Apr 2010, IPC No. B01D 50/ 00 A I, Patent No. AU2009306564, Priority date 29 Sep 2009, Priority No. WO2009EP62605

    Research output: Patent

  5. Published

    Verfahren zur Steuerung eines Transformationsverfahrens

    Schenk, J., Fischer, H., Mali, H., Schuster, S., Spuida, B. H., Wieder, K. & Winter, F., 15 May 2010, Patent No. A 921/2008

    Research output: Patent

  6. Published

    Nozzle for injecting gas containing oxygen into a pig iron device having an injector insertion pipe

    Johann, W., Stefan, L., Marinko, L-N., Georg, A., Franz, B., Jan-Friedemann, P., Johannes, L. S., Martin, S., Thomas, S., Bogdan, V. & Kurt, W., 3 Jun 2010, IPC No. F27D 3/ 16 A I, Patent No. AU2009319139, Priority date 5 Nov 2009, Priority No. WO2009EP64685

    Research output: Patent

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  10. Published

    Verfahren zur Herstellung von Agglomeraten

    Schenk, J., Böhm, C., Heckmann, H. & Stiasny, H. H., 15 Sep 2010, Patent No. A 1419/2008

    Research output: Patent

  11. Published

    Verfahren und Vorrichtung zum Abtrennen von partikelförmigen Feststoffen von einem Gasstrom

    Schenk, J., Eder, T., Millner, R. & Rein, N., 15 Nov 2010, Patent No. A 1659/2008

    Research output: Patent

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