Strukturiertes Vorgehen zur Steigerung der Effizienz einer Simulation von Fertigungssystemen

Research output: ThesisMaster's Thesis

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Within previous decades, the application of simulation of production systems has developed from an exclusively scientific instrument to a widely used industrial tool. To secure profitability of the use of simulation for industrial applications, it is necessary to follow a structured approach and to deal with fundamental decisions properly. The master thesis represents an appropriate examination of these aspects. An executed survey and literature researches deliver the basis for the theoretical focus. A model, prepared by the author of this thesis, represents a standardized procedure for conducting simulation studies and serves as a guideline in the theoretical chapters. The thesis provides information in terms of the inspection of the applicability of a simulation. Based on a rating of correspondingly relevant aspects, the user receives a quantified result in respect of the applicability of a simulation in the user's project. The thesis delivers answers to questions related to the assurance of an adequate level of detail of a simulation model. Critical factors are pointed out and methods are demonstrated that are applied before and during the creation of the simulation model that assure an appropriate level of detail. Moreover, the theoretical main part deals with simulation data. Therefore a general classification and a procedure of identifying data that is relevant for a specific study as well as an approach of finding critical input data are presented. Additionally, in this respect a supporting instrument that was exemplarily prepared for the client is explained. The designed instruments and procedures for the client are applied and demonstrated in a practically executed simulation study. Furthermore the instruments and procedures usability, manageability and the consequently possible increase of efficiency in terms of future simulation studies are evaluated.


Translated title of the contributionDeveloping a Structured Approach in Simulation of Production Systems to Increase Simulation Efficiency
Original languageGerman
Award date26 Mar 2010
Publication statusPublished - 2010