Untersuchungen zur Abbauführung mit Schwerpunkt Qualitätssteuerung des Abbaufeldes TB 21 der Diabas Saalfelden GmbH

Research output: ThesisDiploma ThesisResearch


The first part of the work deals with the examination of existing data and information of the geological exploration work. This aims towards the best possible characterization of the deposit regarding product potential and quality distribution. A description of the variability in space of each the quality classes is worked out, both in large scale (effecting mining strategy and required excavation access area) and small scale (particularly important for quality control). The influence of different bench heights on quality distribution is compared. The possibility of developing a deposit model is investigated, especially concerning reliability of forecasts. In the second part a variety of mining strategies and their technical and economical performance are compared and discussed. Especially parameters such as conveying distances, bench height, number of benches in operation and mining equipment used are discussed. A focus is set on raw material handling in stocks and the shafts (number, position, costs). The interactions of all these parameters are summarized and worked out. Finally a strategy for the starting period and the regular operation is given.


Translated title of the contributionExamination of Various Mining Strategies with Main Emphasis on Quality Control in the Open Pit Dolerite Mine Saalfelden, Austria
Original languageGerman
Award date30 Mar 2007
Publication statusPublished - 2007