Weiterverwendung von Rüböl aus dem Aluminiumhorizontalstrangguss zur Stromerzeugung

Research output: ThesisDiploma Thesis


Horizontally continious casting is a common casting method for the production of aluminium bar stock molded as billets with square or rectangular diameters in different sizes. The lubrification of the strand during the casting prozess can be achieved with cheap vegetable oil as lubrificant. The used oli in this case is normal rapeseed oil. Due to the termal treatment and the presence of water during the casting prozess, the chemical constitution changes, which makes the oil unusable for further lubrification. In collaberation with an industrial partner the reutilisation of the rapeseedoil for power generation was researched. A possibility should be found to transform the vegetable waste oil to electrical power, which can be delivered to the general power supply system. Especially beared in mind were the technical feasibility, the enviromental compatibility as well as economic aspects during the conditioning- , combustion- and power generating prozess of the waste oil in a automated plant.


Translated title of the contributionReutilisation of rapeseedoil used in aluminium horizontally continious casting for power generation
Original languageGerman
Award date19 Dec 2008
Publication statusPublished - 2008